酒店英语简易教程 | Unit 2 Reception 接待

酒店英语系列简易教程 | 酒店英语 微信公众号出品

一、 前台工作基本常识
1. 入住登记信息
姓名Name in Full
名First Name
护照号码Passport No.
签证号码Visa No.
水久地址Permanent Address
接待单位Received by
抵店日期Arrival Date
离店日期Departure Date
房号Room No.
住客签名Guest Signature

2. 酒店常见房态
VC(Vacant Clean )空房
VD(Vacant Dirty)走客房
OD(Occupied Dirty)未做住客
OC(occupied clean)已入住客
O.O.O (Out Of Order)待修房
ECO (Estimated Check Out)预计退房
NS(No Smoking)无烟房
S/O (Slept Out)外睡房
D/L (Double Lock)双锁房
DND (Do Not Disturb)请勿打扰
MUR(Make Up Room)请即打扫
RS (Refuse Service)拒绝服务
N/B (No Baggage)无行李
L/B (Light Baggage)少行李
VIP(Very Important People)重要客人
LSG(Long Staying Guest)长住客
C/O (Check Out) 结账
C/I (Check In)入住
NO SHOW 预订了客房,但客人没有来

3. 办理入住常用词汇:
前台 Front Desk
前台接待员 Receptionist
收银员 Cashier
接待处 Reception
询问处 Information
系统 System
到达/抵店 Arrival
预期到店 Expected Arrival
提早到达Early Arrival
免费升级Free Upgrade
吸烟楼层Smoking Floor
无烟楼层Non-Smoking Floor
联通房 Connecting Room
大床房King Bed Room
双床房Twin Bed Room
办理入住Check In
身份证ID Card (Identify Card)
入住登记单Registration Card/Form
信用卡Credit Card
房卡Room Key
押金单Deposit Receipt

4. 服务流程
1) 询问客人是否有预订。
2) 如有:询问客人预订人姓名,在系统中查找该姓名下的预订,与客人确认房间数量、房型、房价、抵离店日期,以及是否包含或包含几份早餐。
3) 如没有预订,首先确认酒店是否有空房;然后了解客人对房间的要求,根据客人的需求为客人推荐合适房型,可适时向客人进行升级促销(up-selling)。
4) 请客人提供有效证件,在公安系统中登记客人证件,并请客人站在摄像头前方拍照。
5) 打印入住登记单(RC单)并让客人签字。
6) 询问客人付款方式并收取押金(Deposit)(现金、信用卡预授权、微信、支付宝等),通常按预期房费的两倍收取,让客人在押金单上签字,并提供给客人一份押金单。
7) 给客人制作房卡(通常只需告诉客人楼层,避免直接说出客人的房间号码)并双手呈递给客人,如果酒店还向客人提供餐券( Meal Voucher)、免费饮料券( Beverage Voucher)、优惠券( Coupon),则还要向客人一一介绍。
8) 介绍酒店早餐时间和餐厅位置,告知客人总机电话,为客人指引电梯方向及位置。(Your room is on the … floor. Please take the lift over here.)
9) 询问客人是否需要其他帮助,如需要则耐心为客人解答。如不需要,则进请行李员(Bellman)协助搬运行李并带领客人回房间。
10) 预祝客人入住愉快。“Please enjoy your stay!” 有些酒店在客人进房7-10分钟时,还会打电话询问客人对房间是否满意:“How do you like the room?”

5. 国际通用的信用卡


VISA (VS)维萨卡




二、 情景对话
M: Martin马丁 G: Guest旅客
M: Welcome to China Hotel, May I help you?
G: I’d like to check in.
M: May I have your name, please?
G: I’m John Black.
M: We’re expecting you, Mr. Black. You reserved a twin room today to tomorrow, two nights, is that right?
G: Exactly.
M: Could you fill out the registration form, please?
G: Fine. (Fill out the form)
M: May I take a print of the card, please?
G: Sure. here you are.
M: Thank you, Mr. Black. Your room is 2809 on the 8th floor. A bellman will show you to the room. Please enjoy your stay.

M: 欢迎光临中国大酒店。能为您效劳吗?
G: 我要办理入往。
M: 请问您的姓名是?
G: 我叫约的·布克
M: 我们正在期待您光临呢,布克先生。您预订了今明两天的双床房,对吗?
G: 是的。
M: 麻烦您填写下这张登记表。
G: 好的。(填写表格)
M: 请让我刷一下您的信用卡好吗?
G: 好的。
M: 谢谢您,布克先生。您的房间是8楼的2809房。服务员会带您过去,希望您住得愉快!

三、 句型精选
1. 散客入住常用句型
1) Please sign here. 请在这里签名。
2) We’re expecting you. 我们正期待您光临呢
3) May I see any identifications? 我能看看您的身份证件吗?
4) How would you like to settle your bill?您打算如何付款呢?
5) In cash /By credit card /By traveler’s check” 我用现金/信用卡/旅行支票来付款。
6) Your bill will be paid by…. 您的账单将由……支付。
7) Your room charge will be paid by…. 您的房费将由……支付。
8) Please enjoy your stay here. 祝您入住愉快。
9) Your room is not ready yet. 您要的房间没准备好。
10) Would you mind waiting, please? 您介意等一会儿吗?

2. 团体入住常用句型
1) Who is the Tour leader, please? 请问领队是哪一位?
2) Is there any change in your schedule? 时间安排有什么变动吗?
3) Please place your bags in front of your door by 8:30a.m. 请在早上8点30分把行李放在门口。
4) We’ll have your luggage picked up. 我们会派人去收取你们的行李。
5) Here are your room keys and meal coupons. 这是你们的房间钥匙和餐券。
6) May I have a Group Rooming List, please? 能不能给我一份团体分房名单呢?
四、 语法知识
1. 英语的时态(上)
1) 酒店英语口语中的八种时态

时态 核心结构 时间状语
一般现在时 主语+ 动词原形 /动词三单形式
主语+be(am/is/are) In the morning/afternoon/evening,every day/week/year sometimes, often, usually, always等
一般过去时 主语+ 动词过去式
主语+be(was/were) yesterday, last week/month/year; two years ago; in 1980; just now等
一般将来时 主语+shall/ will +动词原形(do)
主语+am/is/are going to do tomorrow; the day after tomorrow; next year; in five minutes; in the future; from now on;soon等
过去将来时 主语+ should / would + 动词原形(do)
主语+was/were going to do the next year等常用于宾语从句中(主句是一般过去时的情况)
现在进行时 主语+ am/is/are + doing (现在分词) now;these days/years等
Look! Listen!
过去进行时 主语+ was / were + doing (现在分词) at 5: 00 last Monday; this time yesterday或when,while引导的时间状语从句
现在完成时 主语+ have / has + done(过去分词) since last year; for ten months; all the time; just recently等
过去完成时 主语+ had done(过去分词) by+过去的时间点;as soon as,when,before,since引导的一个过去时态的从句

2) 最基础的三种时态
(1) 一般现在时:表示现在的特征,普遍的真理或者经常性的动作。
① You/I love chocolate.
He loves chocolate.
They love chocolate.
② He is a waiter.
You are a waiter.
They are waiters.

(2) 一般过去时:表示过去发生的动作、情况。
① I / He / She / They worked in hotel before.
② I / He / She was a bellboy two years ago.
We / They were bellboy two years ago.
① I / He / She / They will call back again.
② I / He / She / They will be back soon.

五、 练习
(1) Do you _________________? (您预订了房间吗?)
(2) Please fill out the _________________. (请填写住宿叠记表。)
(3) How would you like to ________________? (您打算如何付款?)
(4) We _________________ personal checks. (我们不允许接受私人支票。)
(5) May I take a print of the card, please?(请让我刷一下您的信用卡好吗?)
(6) Please _________________. (希望您住得愉快。)

(1) have a reservaton
(2) registration form
(3) settle the bill/make payment
(4) are not allowed to accept
(5) take a print of the card
(6) enjoy your stay

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