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销售经理(S) 客人(G)

S: Good morning, this is Peter, the Sales Manager. How may I assist you today?
G: Good morning, Peter.
I am the organizer of a conference group staying at your hotel. We had an unpleasant experience during our beach BBQ last night, and I would like to express my concerns.
S: I'm sorry to hear that. Could you please tell me what happened?
G: The kitchen seemed unprepared, and many dishes ran out unexpectedly. There were interruptions in the food supply, and we found flies and mosquitoes everywhere.
Moreover, the waitstaff were inexperienced and unable to answer our questions. It was an unpleasant dining experience for our guests.
S: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. We value your feedback, and we will take immediate action to address these issues. We will discuss the matter with our kitchen team and make sure they are fully prepared for future events. Additionally, we will improve our pest control measures to ensure a comfortable dining environment. We will also provide additional training to our waitstaff to enhance their knowledge and professionalism. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
G: Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate your prompt response. If these issues can be resolved, it would greatly improve the overall satisfaction of our conference attendees.

S: 早上好,我是销售经理彼得。今天我能为您提供什么帮助?
G: 早上好,彼得。
S: 听到这个消息我很难过。你能告诉我发生了什么事吗?
G: 厨房似乎没有做好准备,许多菜都出乎意料地吃完了。食物供应中断了,我们发现到处都是苍蝇和蚊子。
S: 给您带来的不便,我深表歉意。我们重视您的反馈,我们将立即采取行动解决这些问题。我们将与我们的厨房团队讨论此事,并确保他们为未来的活动做好充分准备。此外,我们将改进害虫防治措施,以确保用餐环境舒适。我们还将为服务员提供额外的培训,以提高他们的知识和专业水平。还有什么我可以帮你的吗?
G: 谢谢你的理解。我们感谢你的迅速答复。如果这些问题能够得到解决,将大大提高与会者的整体满意度。


  1. 1. unpleasant - adj. not pleasurable; causing discomfort or unhappiness. (不愉快的;令人不悦的)

Example: The
guests had an unpleasant experience with the hotel's room service.

中文翻译: 客人和酒店的客房服务有过不愉快的经历。

  1. 2. interruption - n. an act or instance of interrupting (干扰;中断)

Example: The
power outage caused an interruption in the conference presentation.

中文翻译: 停电导致会议演讲的中断。

  1. 3. supply - v. to make available for use; provide (供应)

Example: The
hotel ensures a steady supply of fresh towels for guests.

中文翻译: 酒店确保为客人提供充足的新鲜毛巾。

  1. 4. inexperienced - adj. lacking experience or skill; not experienced (无经验的)

Example: The new
receptionist is inexperienced but eager to learn.

中文翻译: 新来的前台接待员经验不足,但渴望学习。

  1. 5. dining - n. the act of eating dinner (就餐)

Example: The
hotel offers a variety of dining options, including a fine-dining restaurant
and a casual café.

中文翻译: 酒店提供多种就餐选择,包括高级餐厅和休闲咖啡厅。

  1. 6. feedback - n. information about reactions to a product, a person's
    performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement (反馈)

Example: The
hotel values guest feedback and uses it to enhance their services.

中文翻译: 酒店重视客人的反馈,并以此来改善他们的服务。

  1. 7. immediate - adj. happening or done without delay; instant (立即的;即刻的)

Example: The
hotel manager took immediate action to resolve the guest's complaint.

中文翻译: 酒店经理立即采取行动解决了客人的投诉。

  1. 8. address - v. to deal with (a matter or problem); tackle (解决)

Example: The
hotel will address the issues mentioned by the guest and ensure a better
experience in the future.

中文翻译: 酒店将解决客人提到的问题,并确保未来有更好的体验。

  1. 9. enhance - v. to improve the quality, value, or extent of (提升;增强)

Example: The
hotel invested in new facilities to enhance their guests' comfort.

中文翻译: 酒店投资于新设施,以提升客人的舒适度。

  1. 10. overall - adj. considering or dealing with all aspects of a situation (整体的;全面的)

Example: The
hotel received positive feedback on the overall guest experience.

中文翻译: 酒店在整体客人体验方面获得了积极的反馈。



  1. 1.   I'm sorry to hear that.

  2. - 这是一个常见的短语,用于在听到负面经历或情况时表示同情或遗憾。它经常被用来表示对顾客或客人的同情。

  3. Example:

  4. -Guest: "I had a
    terrible experience with the room service."

  5. -Staff: "I'm sorry to hear
    that. Let me investigate and resolve the issue for you."

  6. -客人:“客房服务给我留下了糟糕的经历。”

  7. -员工:“听到这个消息我很抱歉。让我调查并为您解决这个问题。”

  8. 2.   We value your feedback.

  9. - 这句话是用来表达酒店对客人的意见和评论的赞赏和重视。它强调酒店致力于根据客人的反馈改进服务。

  10. Example:

  11. -Guest: "I wanted
    to share my experience during my stay."

  12. -Staff: "Thank you for
    reaching out. We value your feedback and will take it into consideration to
    enhance our services."


  13. -员工:“谢谢您的反馈。我们非常重视您的意见,并将考虑利用它们来增强我们的服务。”

  14. 3.  We will take immediate

  15. - 这句话表达了酒店将迅速做出回应并解决手头的问题。它向客人保证,他们的担忧将得到及时有效的处理。

  16. Example:

  17. - Guest: "There was
    a leak in my bathroom."

  18. - Staff: "I apologize for the inconvenience. We
    will take immediate action to fix the issue and ensure your comfort."

  19. -客人:“我的浴室有水漏。”

  20. -员工:“给您带来不便我很抱歉。我们会立即采取行动修复问题,确保您的舒适。”

  21. 4.   We will discuss the matter
    with our team.

  22. - 这句话表示酒店将通过让相关部门或员工参与来内部解决这个问题。它向客人保证,他们的担忧将得到认真对待和调查。

  23. Example:

  24. - Guest: "The fitness
    center equipment was not functioning properly."

  25. - Staff: "Thank you for
    letting us know. We will discuss the matter with our team and have the
    equipment inspected and repaired."

    - 客人:“健身中心的设备没有正常运行。”

  26. - 员工:“感谢您告知我们。我们将与团队讨论此事,并对设备进行检查和维修。”

  27. 5.   Is there anything else I can
    assist you with?

  28. -这个短语用于提供进一步的帮助或询问客人是否有任何其他问题或需求。这表明酒店愿意解决客人可能存在的任何额外问题。


  30. Example:

  31. - Guest: "I have a
    question about the check-out time."

  32. - Staff: "I'm happy to help. Is
    there anything else I can assist you with?"

  33. - 客人:“我有一个关于退房时间的问题。”

  34. - 员工:“很高兴为您提供帮助。还有什么其他方面我可以帮助您的吗?”



  1. 1.         Which word means "not
    pleasurable or causing discomfort"?

  2. 1.         a) inexperienced

  3. 2.         b) unpleasant

  4. 3.         c) interruption

  5. 4.         d) supply

Answer: b)

  1. 2.         What does the phrase "take
    immediate action" imply?

  2. a) Delaying the response

  3. b) Ignoring the issue

  4. c) Acting promptly

  5. d) Dismissing the concern

Answer: c) 

  1. 3.         When would you say "I'm
    sorry to hear that."?

  2. a) When receiving positive

  3. b) When expressing empathy

  4. c) When avoiding responsibility

  5. d) When dismissing a complaint

Answer: b) 

  1. 4.         What does the phrase "We
    value your feedback" mean?

  2. a) We don't care about your

  3. b) We appreciate your opinions
    and comments

  4. c) We will ignore your feedback

  5. d) We disregard guest

Answer: b) 

  1. 5.         What does "Is there
    anything else I can assist you with?" imply?

  2. a) The staff wants to end the
    conversation quickly

  3. b) The staff is eager to help

  4. c) The staff is avoiding
    additional requests

  5. d) The staff is indifferen

Answer: b) 

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