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Menu Design Basics 菜单设计基础

Why menu design really matters and how to make your menu work for you?为什么菜单设计真的很重要,以及如何使菜单适合您?

You know your restaurant's purpose, your culinary philosophy, your best-selling specialties. The menu lays all that out where your customers can admire it. Your professionalism must show, the message must be clear, and in this case, appearances are everything. It must be so compelling that they can't wait to order and taste the goodness. This guide will help you create your ideal menu.


How to Engineer Your Menu 如何设计菜单

What is menu engineering, anyway? There is a science to balancing appearance and messaging with managerial accounting. Do you really need to put yourself through this exercise? The answer is a resounding YES.


Making a Good Impression 留下良好的印象

First impressions count. What do want your customers to sense about your restaurant, right away? Sophistication? Innovation? Fun? Does your menu play to individual dishes or throw its weight toward the overall eating experience? Give them your unique message, quickly and clearly. Learn how to create a menu that represents your restaurant.


How Your Menu Builds Your Brand 您的菜单如何建立您的品牌

Just who do you think you are? Can you sum up your brand in 7 or 8 words? Do you truly know your target customers and what's important to them? The choices you make on paper color, type styles and entree titles should be consistent with your brand, aimed directly at your core customer. We'll show you how to craft your menu to empower your brand.


How To Increase Sales With Your Menu 如何通过菜单增加销量

Put psychology to work for you. The subconscious mind can be your best friend as you guide people through your offerings, enticing them to yield to their impulses. We'll share success stories that illustrate what kinds of menu improvements can boost sales.


How To Lay Out Your Menu 如何布置菜单

Where to begin? The map you establish as you drive customers through your menu can lead you to a profitable destination. But how should categories be grouped? How much space can you afford for your signature dishes? When you put as much energy into your menu's appearance as you do into food presentation, it pays off. Let our experts guide you to a successful menu layout.


How To Write Your Menu 如何写菜单

Copy closes the deal. Write descriptions that will move customers from reading with their eyes to reading with their tastebuds. But remember, you'll be speaking to different kinds of people. Mouthwatering descriptions are essential, but picky eaters are searching for ingredients and connoisseurs are seeking adventure. See these expert tips on how to boost your sales with effective menu copy.


How To Choose Menu Fonts 如何选择菜单字体

"I can't read this!" This is the last thing you want to hear. Put clarity up front as you decide on type style, size and color. And remember, the population is trending older, so tiny print in light gray is a no-no.


How To Use Imagery On Your Menu 如何在菜单上使用图像

good picture is worth a thousand words. But could less-than-stellar photos hurt sales? We'll weigh in on what kinds of menus benefit from food shots, and how to make good use of mouth-watering food photos on your menu.


How To Price Your Menu 如何为菜单定价

Open their minds...and wallets. Make restaurant patrons want to spend money with you and remove their resistance to spending. Obviously, your prices are derived from costs and profit goals, but there are methods for presenting prices that make a big difference. Should you show dollar signs or not? Should prices be in a smaller font? Industry leaders share their menu price guidelines.


How To Make A Specials Menu 如何制作特色菜单

"What do you recommend?" Consumers are frequently seeking advice and guidance on the freshest, most impressive dishes - offer up your best selections with a specials menu. Showcasing favorite dishes or seasonal offerings is an invaluable upsell technique.


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