词根/词缀 本意 例词 词性 英英释义
bell war rebel n./adj./v. oppose by force
antebellum adj. before the war
bellicose adj. quarrelsome
belligerence n. aggressiveness
belligerent adj inclined or eager to fight
pact/pease ① agree

② fasten

pacify vt. to make peaceful
pacifist n./vt.者 one who oppcoses war
pact n. solemn agreement
appease vt.+ to calm by satisfying
hosp/host host hostage n. person held by party in a conflict
hospice n. a shelter or lodging for travelers
hostel n. inexpensive lodging place
inhospitable adj.- unfriendly
am/im love paramour n.(人) lover in an adulterous relationship.
inimical adj.- injurious or harmful in effect
enamored adj.+ fell for
amateur n. a person who engages in…(not p)
crim crime recrimination n. counterattack
incriminate vt.+ accuse
decriminalize vt.- reduce penalty for
criminology n.学科 study of illegal behavior
prob/prov prove / test reprobate v./n./a.- rascal
probity n.人格 utter honesty
disprove v. demonstrate (证实不)
approbation n.+ approval
grav heavy(心理/物理) gravid adj. pregnant
gravitas n.抽象 solemn dignity
gravitate v. move toward as if drawn
gravity n. seriousness
lev light→raise, rise alleviate vt.+ relieve
elevate vt. lift, raise
leavening n. something that lightens
levity n. lack of seriousness

ag increase


agitate v. shake up
litigate v. (letter) argue in court
prodigal adj./n.+ lavish
synagogue n. temple
ven/vent walk, go advent n.+ arrival
provenance n.+ origin
venturesome adj.主动 daring
venue n. place
cap/cep/cip hold, take reception n. receiving
incipient adj. beginning
perceptible adj.+ noticeable/obvious/apparent
susceptible adj./n. (sub) easily influenced
fin last→terminal →boundary→limit infinitesimal adj./n.- tiny (small)
affinity n.人格+ attraction/sympathy
definitive adj.- ultimate
finite adj. limited
jac/jec cast adjacent adj.+ near/touching/bordering near by
conjecture n./v.合 suppose/conclude/guess
dejected adj.- downcast/depressed/forlorn
trajectory n. curve/path/line
tract draw detract v.- decrease/diminish/minimize
protracted a.推迟 lengthened/continued/extended
retraction n.否 withdrawal/disavowal/denial
intractable adj.- uncontrollable/stubborn/untouchable
duc lead conducive n. helpful
deduction n.- subtraction
seduction n. temptation
induce vt.- persuade
sec/sequ follow consequential adj. significant
execute vt. produce
obsequious adj.- flattering
sequential adj. ordered
ambi /


both sides→around amphibian adj./n. living both on land and in water
amphitheater n. stage surrounded with tiered seats
ambiguous adj. having more than one
ambient adj./n. surrounding
ambivalent adj. wavering
ambulance n. equipped vehicle used to transport the sick or injured

ep/epi ①on, upon, over

②side→not centric

ephemeral adj. short-lived
epiphyte n. non-parasitic plant growing on another
epitaph n. grave inscription
epithet n. descriptive nickname
hypo/hyp under,


hypocrisy n. critics insincerity
hypothermia n.毛病 warm subnormal temperature
hypothetical adj. 放置 assumed
therm/thermo warm, temperature thermal adj. keeping warm
thermocouple n. temperature gauge
thermonuclear adj. nuclear reaction requiring high heat
thermo cline n. area between warm and cold water

poly many



polychromatic adj. having or exhibiting many colors.
polycentric adj. having several central parts
polygamy n. plural marriage
polyphony n. phone music with more parts sounded
prim first primogeniture n. first-born or eldest child (gene)
primordial adj. original  (ordinary)
primparous adj. parentsbear
primary adj. first or highest in rank
hom/homo uniform,


homonym n. word spelled or sounded the same
homogeneous adj. consistent throughout
homologous adj. of similar origin
homophone n. word that sounds like another
dis (di, dif, div, de) ①    away

②    apart

diffraction n. breaking up of light waves (break)
dissension n. disagreement (sense)
disseminate v. spread widely (seed)
dissipate v. scatter (吮)
vor eat herbivore n. glass an animal feeds chiefly on plants
omnivore n. all takes in everything available
carnivore n. a flesh-eating animal
insectivore n. feeds mainly on insects
cran flesh carnage n. a massacre
carnation n. clove pink
carnival n. a festival marked by merrymaking
incarnation n. a bodily manifestation
cred believe


creed n. principles
credulity n. superficial/easy acceptance
creditable adj. well-down
credence n. trustfulness
fid believe


affidavit n. sworn document
diffident adj. timid, shy (←→confident)
fiduciary adj./n. trust-based
perfidy n. bad faith
curr/curs run, walk concurrent a./adj. simultaneous
cursory adj. hasty (cure)
discursive adj. rambling (amble)
precursor n. forerunner
ped food


expedient adj./n. convenient
expedite adj./v. speed up
impediment n.- obstacle
pedestrian adj./n. ordinary



flec/flex bend deflect v. turn aside
flexor n. muscle
genuflect v. kneel (gene)
inflection n. change in pitch
post after, back posterior adj. on the back
posthumous adj. occurring after death (human, humid, water, earth )
postmodern adj./n. using past styles anti-modern
postmortem adj./n.死 after the event



mal bad



malevolent adj. wishing evil
malicious adj. mean
malign adj./v. speak ill (design, sign)
malnourished adj. fed poorly
cata down cataclysm n. natural disaster
catacomb n. underground cemetery
catalyst n. agent of change (loose)
catatonic n./adj. motionless (move)


in front of

the first

protagonist n. hero or heroine
protocol n. rules of behavior
protoplasm n. cell contents
prototype n. madel
ante in front of


anterior adj. towards the front
antechamber n. waiting room
antedate n./v. to date before
ante meridiem adv. before noon




orthodox adj. conventional
orthodontics n. dentistry for crooked teeth
orthopedics n. 学科 treatment of skeletal defects
orthography n.语言文字 correct spelling
rect direct,


rectitude n.品德 integrity
rectify vt. make right
rectilinear adj. moving in a straight line
rector n. headmaster
eu good, well eugenic adj.+ promoting superior (gene)
euphemism n. polite term
euphoria n. great happiness
evangelism n. crusading zeal
dys/dis against dysfunctional n. impaired
dyslexia n. reading disorder (read)
dyspeptic n./adj. beset by indigestion (digest)
dystrophy n.奖品 muscular deterioration
rog ask


abrogate vt. neglect, abolish, ignore
arrogate v. claim, seize, grab
derogatory adj. critical, unflattering, scornful
prerogative n. right, power, privilege
quis ask


inquisition n. interrogation, inquiry
perquisite n. privilege, bonus, right
acquisitive adj. grasping, grabby, greedy
requisition n./vt. purchase order, request, demand



①    fold

②    multiply

③    full

complement n./vt. number required, counterpart
deplete vt. draw down, drain
implement n./vt./v+ put into practice, put to use
replete adj. abundantly, full
matr measure metric adj. relating to poetic rhythm,

relating to a measuring system

odometer n. distance measurer (distance)
symmetrical adj. balanced (same)
tachometer n. speed measurer



aud hearing auditor n. financial examiner
auditory adj. relating to hearing
audition n. a critical hearing
inaudible adj. impossible to hear
son sound dissonant adj. unharmonious
resonance n. continuing or echoing sound
sonic adj. involving sound
ultrasound n. diagnostic technique (alt→out)
err stray→walk aberrant adj. deviating from the proper
errant adj. roving
erratic adj./n. having no fixed ,wandering.
erroneous adj. mistaken
ced/ces pace, walk, progress accede v. to give one's consent
antecedent n./adj. one that precedes another.
concession n. the act of conceding
precedent n. an example in dealing with subsequent similar instances
vid/vis appear, look, vision visage n. appearance
vis-à-vis n./prep./adv. compared to
visionary adj./n. 人 prophet
visitation n. official call


look, watch auspicious n.+ favorable, promising
conspicuous adj. 一起 noticeable
introspection n. 自己 self-examination
perspicacious adj. 提前 shrewd
voc/vok sound, voice equivocate vi. 等 to avoid making an explicit statement
irrevocable adj.- impossible to retract or revoke
provoke v. to incite to anger or resentment
vociferous adj. vehement outcry  (carry)
phon sound cacophony n. discordant sound  (disorder)
phonetic adj. representing the sounds of speech with a set of distinct symbols
polyphonic adj. 多 two or more phonetic values, music of  polyphony
symphony n. complex sonata (same)
cur cure→care curative n./adj. healing
curator n. caretaker
procure v. obtain
sinecure n. 罪恶 easy job, effortless
peri around perimeter n. boundary
periodontal adj. around a tooth
peripatetic n./adj. wandering
peripheral n./adj. supplementary


sense sensational adj.抽 outstandingly overconfident
sentient adj./n. receiving perceptions
sentiment n. opinion colored by emotion
sensuous adj. gratifying the senses
soph wisdom sophistry n. false reasoning
sophisticated adj. highly complex
sophomoric adj. immaturely overconfident
theosophy n. doctrine of god and the world







tendentious adj. marked by a strong implicit point of view
portend v. pro to serve as an omen or a warning of; presage
distend v. to swell out or expand from
extenuate vt. palliate, to make thin or emaciated


hang appendage n. an adjunct
expend vt. to lay out; spend
propensity n. predilection
stipend n. a fixed and regular payment
pan general



panacea n. a cure-all
pandemonium n. a very noisy place
panegyric n. an encomium
panoply n. ceremonial attire with all accessories
extra extra extraneous adj. irrelevant, extrinsic
extramundane adj. occurring or existing outside of the universe
extrapolate v. estimate by projecting known information.
extrovert n. an individual interested in others  (shift)


light phosphorescent adj. glowing
photogenic n. visually appealing  (gene)
photon n. elemental 光子
photosynthesis n. production of organic matter  (综合)
luc light elucidate vt. ex clarify
lucent adj. brightly clear
lucubration n. hard study
translucent adj. passing diffused light


dead immortality n. endless life
moribund a./n. about to die   (boundary)
mortician n. funeral director
mortify 物质 v. to cause to experience wounded pride





internecine adj. ruinous or fatal to both sides
necrosis n. death of cells
noxious adj. injurious to health
pernicious adj. deadly (throw out)


stick inherent a.+ inherited
incoherent a.- confused
cohesion n. unity
adherent n.+ follower
fug flee


subterfuge n. underhanded  (plot)
fugue n./v. musical form
fugitive  人 a./n. escapee
centrifuge n. moving outward
cosm order


cosmetic n./a. for the sake of appearance
cosmology n. decryption of the universe
cosmopolitan n./a. sophisticated
cosmos n. universe
sci know


conscientious adj. scrupulous, observable
omniscience n. universal knowledge (all, complete)
prescient adj. having foresight
unconscionable a.- inexcusable  意识
junct connect


adjunct n./a. addition
disjunction n. break
injunction n.- order
junta n. group
part local



partisan n. supporter
participle n. verb part
impartial adj. fair
impart vt. disclose


send emissary 人 n. ex agent
manumission n. emancipation, release, liberate  (hand)
missive n. letter
remittance n. payment


drive compel vt. drive irresistibly  (force)
expel v. drive out
impel vt. force by moral pressure
repulsion n. disgust



put think disputatious adj.- argumentative
impute vt.- attribute
putative adj.+ assumed
reputed adj.- believed
log word→


eulogy n.+ high praise
monologue n. speech   (single)
neologism n. new word
genealogy n. family history
terr earth parterre n. theater area  (part)
subterranean adj. under the ground
terrarium n.地点 contained
terrestrial adj. earthly
mar sea aquamarine n. blue-green gem
marina n. small harbor
mariner n. seaman
maritime adj. near the sea
path affinity


emotion, suffering ☆

apathetic adj.- indifferent


empathy n. in pity
pathology n. pathobiology
sociopath n. antisocial behavior


punish impunity n.- exemption from punishment
penal adj. prescribing punishment
penance n./vt. voluntarily to show sorrow
punitive adj. punishing


mother maternity n./adj. motherhood, motherliness
matriculate v./n. enroll, sign up at school
matrilineal adj. through the mother’s (female)family
metropolitan adj. urban, city
moni warn


admonish vt. scold, gently correct
monitory adj./n. cautionary, giving warning
monitor vt./v./n watch, regulate
premonition n. forewarning, early suspicion
cant sing incantation n.- ritual chant
cantata n. sung composition
cantor n. singer
descant v. added melody


play, game allude vi. refer
collusion n. illegal cooperation
ludicrous adj. laughable
prelude n. introduction


appear phantasm n. an apparition
phantasmagoria n. a constantly changing scene
phenomenon n. a occurrence that is perceptible by the senses.
diaphanous adj. to be transparent or translucent
ver just aver vt.- assert
verify vt. confirm, substantiate
verisimilar adj. appearing to be true or real; probable
verity n. factual, or real
turb turn perturb v. upset, disturb
turbine n. engine, turning engine
turbulent adj. churning, seething
turbid adj. confused, murky





devolution n.- handing down, degeneration
evolution n. process of development, progress
voluble adj. talkative, fluent
convoluted adj. winding, circulation, complicated






confection n. candy
facile adj. easy
olfactory adj. sense of smell
proficient n. expert
ut/us use usufruct n./vt. the right to use
usury n. illegally high rate
utilitarian adj./n. interests of utility
utility n. usefulness


umbr shade

① alike

② 不完全像

adumbrate vt.+ partially
penumbra n. near shadow (part)
umber n./a./vt brownish color
umbrage n. resentment
vest cloth divest v.- get rid of
investiture n.+进 installing in office
transvestite n. cross-dresser  (shift)
travesty n./vt. imitation


god apotheosis n.抽 perfect example  (pose)
atheistic adj.- non god believing
pantheistic adj. accepting all gods (all)
theocracy n. king state ruled by religion
de/div god deity n. supreme being
dues ex machine dramatic device
divinity n. godliness
divinatory adj. prophetic
demo people demographic adj. describing populations (graph)
endemic n. native
pandemic adj. widespread
demotic adj. common
popul population vox populi n public opinion  (voice)
populist n. believer in the people
populace n. masses
populous adj. numerous


city acropolis n. citadel of an ancient greek city (high)
megalopolis n. a single urban complex  (huge)
politic adj. suave
politicize vt./vi to engage in or discuss politics


around circuitous adj. taking a roundabout
circumference n. the boundary line of a circle
circumspect adj.看 prudent
circumvent vt.走 to surround (an enemy, for example)


heart accord  - n./vt/vi make an agreement
concordance n. agreement
cordial n./adj. gracious, a tonic
discordant adj.- inconsistent
culp blame


culpable adj. blameworthy
exculpate v. to clear of guilt or blame  excuse
mea culpa n. my acknowledgment of a personal error or fault
inculpate vt.- to incriminate
dic speech


interdiction n. forbidden
jurisdiction n. authority or control
edict n. decree
malediction n. the calling down of a curse




cognitive adj. relating to cognition
diagnosis n. the opinion derived from such an evaluation
incognito (incog) a./adv. with one's identity disguised or concealed-
prognosis n. a forecast or prediction


skill, fit inept adj.- awkward
adept   + adj./n. proficient, expert
aptitude n.抽 ability, natural talent
adaptation n.+ process of change
art art


artisan n. skilled craft man (super)
artifice n. slyness
artifact n. man-made object
artful adj. skillfully sly
artless adj. naive



fall cadaver n. corpse
casualty n. serious injury
decadent   - adj./n. self-indulgent
recidivism n.物质 backsliding
cis cut, kill concise adj. short
excise n./vt. cut out
incisive adj. direct
precision n. accuracy





hide apocryphal adj. fake
cryptic adj. mysterious
cryptography n. code writing
crypt n. tomb
ab/abs abscond vi. flee
abstemious adj. self-controlled (touch, hold, have)
abstraction n. theory  (draw)  Ⅱ
abstruse adj. difficult  (poke)
ped child pedagogue n. an educator  (drive)
pedophilia n. love attraction felt by an adult toward children
pedagogy n.抽 education
encyclopedic adj. thorough encyclopedia
pediatrician n.人 revival
pedant n.人 show off → boring teacher



bear, born innate adj.+ present from birth
nascent adj. beginning, incipient
renaissance n. revival
cognate adj. related
fer carry transference n. act or process of transferring (shift)
deferential adj.- yielding, showing strong respect
fertile adj. productive
inference n. implied conclusion
proliferate v. multiply (nutrition)
trans shift transfiguration n. glorification (figure)
transfuse vt. transfer  (slosh)
transient adj./n. passing
transcendent adj. supreme  (claim)
pon/pos place component n./adj. part
disposition n. personality
repository n. storage container
superimpose v. place over (high)






sustentation n. a support
sustentative adj./n. suspensory
tenable adj. reasonable
abstinence n.- refraining from indulging an appetite, nourishment
tenacious adj. strong, sticking
term limit, last indeterminate adj.- uncertain
interminable adj.- eternal
terminal adj./n. fatal
terminology n. vocabulary (language)
mono single monogamous adj. one husband with one wife
monograph n. limited subject
monolithic n. uniform
monotheism n. believe only one god
uni single unitarian n./adj. a monotheist who is not a christian
unison n./adj. concord
unilateral adj. undertaken by only one side
unicameral adj. consisting of a single legislative chamber


conquer evince vt.外 reveal
invincible adj. unconquerable
provincial adj. local
victimize v. deceive
spher ball stratosphere n. upper atmosphere
biosphere n. life zone  (biology)
hemisphere n. half-sphere  (half)
spherical adj. globelike




divert v.- entertain
perverse adj. wrongheaded  (thorough)
avert v.- avoid
versatile adj. with many use
morph shape, figure amorphous adj. shapeless
anthropomorphic adj. human and god have the same character
metamorphosis n.离心 change in appearance,character, condition…
morphology n. branch of biology
form shape, figure


format n./vt plan or arrange in a specified form, computer
formative adj. forming or capable of forming
formality n. quality or condition of being formal
conform vt/vi/a. agree, be similar, adapt


teach indoctrinate v. fill with a point of view, instruct thoroughly
doctrinaire n. by the rule, rigidly principled
docile adj. easily led, tame
doctrine n. principle, teaching action
tut/tui direct intuition n.- insight, quick understanding
tuition n. instruction, instruction costs
tutelage n. guardianship, safeguard
tutorial n./adj. small class, individual instruction
di/duo double, doubt duplicity n. being twofold or double, cheat
duplex adj. twofold; double
diplomatic adj. suave, relating to diplomatics
dichotomy n. division into two opinions
bi/bin double, doubt bilateral adj. two-sided
bipolar adj. having two poles
bipartisan adj. two major political parties
biweekly n. happening twice a week or every two weeks



top place topical adj. of current interest
topiary adj./n. ornamentally pruned
ectopic adj. away from its usual place
topography n. landscape features





eccentric  - adj./n. placed off-center
epicenter n. central point (except)
egocentric adj. self-centered (self)
ethnocentric adj. centered on one’s own group (nation)
dom rule


predominant adj. strongest
domicile n./v. home
domination n. control
dominion n. kingdom


reside in exhibitionist n.- show-off
habitation n. dwelling
habitual adj. customary
inhibit vt.- restrain
pro procrastinate v. put off
prodigious adj. enormous
prophylaxis n. disease prevention  (physical)
propitious adj. promising  (bit)
petro again


retroactive adj. effective as of earlier
retrofit n. modernize
retrogress v. revert to an earlier state promising
retrospective adj. review of a body of work
tempor time contemporary n./adj. current
extemporaneous adj.- unplanned
temporal adj./n. measurable by time
temporize v. talk to fill time
chron time anachronism n.- something from the past
chronic adj. ongoing
chronology n. order of events
synchronous adj. happening at the same time
tri three triceratops n. dinosaur
trident n. a three-pronged spear used for fishing (teeth)
trilogy n. three dramatic works related in theme
trinity n. union of three divine persons
anim breed inanimate adj. dead
animosity n. enmity
magnanimous adj. generous in forgiving
animated adj. living
fig figure figurative adj. metaphorical, ornate
figment n. something invented, made up, or fabricated
effigy n.- a crude figure representing a hated person
configuration n. form, arrangement of parts or elements
ann/enn year perennial adj. continuing, everlasting
millennium n. era of earthly paradise, thousand years
annuity n. yearly payment, annual payment
superannuated adj. worn out, aged
biannual n./adj. twice each year
biennial n./adj. for two years
ev age coeval adj./n. simultaneous, of the same age
longevity n. length of life, long life
medieval adj. antiquated, of the middle ages
primeval adj. ancient, elder
corp body incorporate a./vi/vt similar organization
corporal adj. bodily, army
corpulent adj. fat
corporeal adj. bodily


touch tangible adj. discernible by the touch; palpable
tangential adj. in the direction of a tangent
tactile adj./n. perceptible to the sense of touch
intact adj. uninjured; not impaired in any way


code codex n. handwritten book
codicil n. amendment
codify vt. list
decode vt.- explain
sign mark


assignation n. appointment
resign n./v. accept
signatory n. consigner
signet n./vt stamp


four quartile n. the value of the boundary at the 25th, 50th, or 75th percentiles of a frequency distribution divided into four parts, each containing a quarter of the population.
quadriplegic n./adj. disability
quadrille n. a square dance of french origin composed of five figures and performed by four couples.

music for this dance in 6/8 and 2/4 time.

quadruple n./vt/vi fourfold


four tetrahedron n. a polyhedron with four faces
tetracycline n. a broad-spectrum antibiotic c22h 24n 2o 8
tetrarch n. one of four joint rulers, a subordinate ruler
tetragon n. a four-sided polygon; a quadrilateral






acid acerbic adj. sour or bitter
acrid adj. pungent, or bitter to the taste or smell.
acrimony n. bitter, sharp, ill-natured animosity
exacerbate vt. aggravate





astringent  + adj./n. tending to draw together
constrict v. cramp
prestigious adj. having prestige; esteemed
stringent adj. severe


build up

put together

deconstruction n. any text subvert their own meanings
infrastructure n. underlying base or foundation
construe v. explain
instrumental adj.

obstruct v./n.- block, hinder
structure n./vt. building
construction n. the art, trade, or work of building


own appropriate adj. fitting
expropriate vt. deprive of possession
proprietary adj./n. exclusively owned; private
propriety n. etiquette, appropriateness





tort n. injury
extort v. obtain by force
torsion n. twisting
tortuous adj. winding
viv life


convivial adj. sociable
revivify v. revive
vivacious adj. lively
vivisection n. animal experimentation (cut→part)
serv subject to


serviceable adj. usable
servile adj. slavish
servitude n.抽 a state of subjection to an owner or a master.
subservient adj. subordinate in capacity, obsequious, servile





occlusion n. process of occluding
preclude n. prevent
recluse adj./n. reclusive
seclusion n. solitude (分散)
text weave textual adj. relating to written matter
subtext n. underlying meaning
pretext n./v. excuse hiding a real motive
context n. setting of spoken or written words


please complaisant adj. eager to please
placebo n. harmless substance
placidity n. peacefulness
implacable adj. unchangeable


self, one automaton n. robot
autodidact n. didactic, self-taught person
antimony n. element
autism n. egocentricity
grat pleasing



gratify vt. please, sensuous
gratuity n. bonus, tip
gratuitous adj. unearned
ingratiate vt. to bring into the favor




acclamation n. acceptance with cheers
clamor n./v. noisy din
declaim v.- speak formally
reclamation n. recovery


power, rule aristocrat n. noble
autocratic adj. rules by one person
bureaucrat n. government official
plutocracy n. (柏拉图) rule by the rich





compunction n. scruple, anxiety caused by guilt
expunge v. remove completely, erase
punctilious adj. careful
pungent adj. sharp
plic ① fold


③ full

implicit adj. unspoken
explicate v. explicate, explain, excuse
replicate v. copy, reproduce
supplication n. plea  (sub)








commendation n. formal citation
mandate n./vt. direct
mandatory adj. required
remand n./vt. send
und water →

flood →

wave →


inundate v. + flood
redound v. send back
redundancy n. needless repetition
undulant adj. wavy


holy sanction n./v. approve, perform
sacrilege n. blasphemy  (law)
sacrosanct adj. sacred
sanctuary n. refuge
loc/ loqu talk, speak circumlocution n. excess
locution n. particular word, phrase, or expression,
elocution n. public opinion   (ex)
colloquial adj. conversational
loquacious adj. talkative
val value equivalent adj./n. similar in value
prevalent adj. widespread
valorous adj. brave, courage
validate vt. confirm
vir man triumvirate n. three-person board
virago n. strong woman
virility n. masculinity
virtuosity n. skill (美德)
cre/cret (increase)


accretion n.+ build up
crescent n./adj. stickle-shaped
excrescence n. outgrowth (extra)
increment n. slight increase


pour diffuse v./adj. spread widely
effusive adj. emotional
profusion n. provide abundance, replete
suffuse v. spread through
verb word verbiage n. wordiness
verbatim adj./


using exactly the same words; corresponding word for word
proverb n. saying
verbose adj. talkative, wordy
simil/ same assimilate v.+ to consume and incorporate nutrients into the body after digestion
simul like simile n. similar
simulacrum n. image or a representation
simulate vt. imitate
scand climb transcend vt. exceed走
condescend vi.- stoop
descendant n. offspring
ascendancy n.+ control
ten/tenu thin attenuate v. make thin
extenuating adj. partly excusing
tenure n. term of office
tenuous adj. insubstantial




conscription n. draft
circumscribe vt. limit
inscription n.+ engraving
proscribe v. prohibit
mens measure commensurate adj. equivalent (same)
dimension n. aspect
immensity n.- hugeness
mensurable adj. measurable






insolvency n. being insolvent
soluble adj. can be dissolved
resolve n./v./vt make a firm decision about
dissolution n. disintegration
absolve v. pronounce clear of guilt or blame
hydr water + dehydrate vt. remove water from; make anhydrous
hydraulic adj. water under pressure
hydroelectric adj. generating electricity by conversion of the energy of running water
hydroponics n. cultivation of plants in nutrient solution rather than in soil



capit head decapitate v.- behead
capitalism n. free-market system
capitulate vi. surrender
recapitulate vi summarize
anthrop human philanthropy n. charitable act  (love)
misanthropic adj.- hating humans
anthropology n. study of culture
anthropoid n./adj. ape


lie succumb vi.- give up
recumbent adj. lying down
incubate vt.+ brood
incumbent adj.+ holding office
dynam power



dynamic adj. energetic
dynamo n. powerhouse
dynasty n. ruling family
hydrodynamic adj. relating to moving fluids (water)
grad stage retrograde adj./v. grading again
graduate n./v. a higher stage
gradation n. stage in a series
degrade v.- lower in rank
lat carry correlate vt./vi. relationship
relativity n. relationship between mass, energy, and time
prelate n. high church official
collate v. arrange in order
crit critical

① key

② cross

hypocritical adj.下 characterized by hypocrisy
criterion n. standard
hypercritical adj.超 critical
critique n. a critical discussion of a specified topic
jur just



objurgate vt. - to scold or rebuke sharply; berate
jurisprudence n. philosophy or science of law
perjury n.- breach of an oath or a promise
abjure vt.- to renounce under oath; forswear
pent five pentagram n. pentacle, five-pointed star
pentameter n./adj. line of verse consisting of five metrical feet
pentateuch n. first five books of the hebrew scriptures
pentathlon n. five track and field events,
pentagon n. polygon having five sides and five interior
quint five quintessential adj. being the most typical
quintet n. composition for five voices or instruments
quintile adj./n. 72° or one fifth of the zodiac
bio life symbiosis n. relationship of mutual benefit or dependence
biopsy n. examination from a living body
biodegradable adj. capable of being decomposed
antibiotic n./adj. can destroy the growth of microorganisms
gen birth generic adj. general
indigenous adj.+ native
congenial adj. having the same tastes
carcinogenic adj. induce cancer


do, make,



malfunction n.- work improperly
functionary adj./n. bureaucrat ,official
fungible adj./n. exchangeable
perfunctory adj.- mechanical
mut alter,



transmute v. convert
permutation n.+ rearrangement
immutable adj. unchangeable
commutation n. replacement


break fractious adj. quarrelsome
fragmentary adj. incomplete
infraction n.- violation
refraction n. distortion
tele far telegenice adj. well-suited to television (gene)
telemetry n. long-distance measurement (meter)
teleological adj. relating to design or purpose (ology)
telepathic adj. mind-reading (path)
phil love philatelist n. stamp collector
philology n. study of language
philter n. love potion
oenophile n. wine lover
neg negative - abnegation n.- self-denial
negligible adj. small
renegade n./a./vi rebel
renege vt/vi/n. go back


nom name ignominious adj. disgraceful
misnomer n. wrong name
nomenclature n. naming system culture
nominal adj./n. in name only


father expatriate vt/vi/n. living abroad
paternalistic adj. exercising fatherly
patrician n./adj. aristocrat  人
patrimony n. heritage  (money)
lega appoint delegation n.+ a group of people who are very important visitors from another country or another place.
legacy n. heritage
legate n. official emissary
relegate v.- commit
greg herd,



segregate v.- isolate
egregious adj.- flagrant
congregation n. a gathering
aggregate n./a./v. total


flow mellifluous adj. flowing with sweetness or honey
fluctuation n. wave
effluent adj./n. something that flows out or forth (ex)
affluence n.+ wealth


seize reprehensible adj.- blameworthy
prehensile adj. adapted for seizing, grasping, or holding
comprehend vt.+ apprehend
apprehensive adj.+ afraid, capable of understanding
temper moderate temperance n. moderation or abstinence
tempera n. egg-based paint
temper n./v. mix or moderate
intemperate adj. unrestrained
purg/pur clean,


expurgate v. remove offensive
purgative adj./n. purifying
purgatory n. place of misery
purge n./v. remove impure element
mill million millisecond n. one thousandth (10-3) of a second.
millipede n. diplopod (feet)
millenarianism n. every one thousand years


half semiconductor n. various solid crystalline substances
semicolon n. mark of punctuation (;)
semitone n. half step, half tone
semitropical adj. partly tropical; subtropical.
sub - 下 subconscious adj. beneath the level of consciousness
subversion n. secret effort to overthrow
subliminal adj. not strong enough to be sensed
subjugate vt. conquer
hyper + 上 hyperventilate vt. breath deeply and rapidly
hypertension n. high blood pressure (tension)
hyperbole n. extreme overstatement
hyperactive adj. overly action
pre pro前 precept n. general rule
precocious adj. maturing early (cook)
predispose vt. influence
prerequisite n./adj. requirement
para besides


parameter n. characteristic
paragon n. model of excellence
paradox n. opposing truths
paradigm n. example (design)
meta 上下左右 metabolism n. biological absorption processes
metaphorical adj. equation one thing with another←→simile
metaphysics n. study of the nature of things
metonymy n.术语 use of an associated term (name)
per thorough


persevere v. keep going
permeate vt./vi. spread throughout
peremptory adj. abrupt and final
percolate n./v. seep




anti-communist n. opposed to communist
antagonist n. opponent
antigen (gene) n. stimulates the production of an antibody
antipathy n. enmity
antithesis n. direct contrast; opposition
contra contretemps n. unforeseen event
contravene v. deny
contraindication n. a factor that renders the administration of a drug or the carrying out of a medical procedure inadvisable
contraband n./adj. illegal traffic in contraband; smuggling
contradict vt. opposite of, deny

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